Online Radio Solution

Online Radio Solution Need ? We provide high-quality reliable Online Radio Services to start your own online radio station and we also provide broadcasts so, with Expert IT Solution you can create, manage and stream your own online radio station. Then Build and deliver an online radio to your audience and convey your messages and dream and share your motive of work with our support as we are there 24/7 for your concern.

Online Radio Pricing

Live Radio Broadcasting Software

Live streaming now allows you to stream live shows using Expert Broadcaster Live DJ. Your SAM Broadcaster Live DJ connects to your SAM Broadcaster Cloud and allow you to host talk shows or stream live shows or events easily and automatically using your SAM Broadcaster Cloud streaming configuration. When done, just switch back to SAM Broadcaster Cloud to stream your automated content. Your listeners won’t notice the difference. Also, if your live stream drops for any reason the cloud takes over to ensure your station is never down.

License Type: Paid Premium Full Version

Price: 5,000 BDT/Lifetime

Internet Radio Station Services

Launch your internet, digital, satellite or AM/FM radio station anywhere in the world with all of the right tools. A broadcasting specialist is on standby to help you get started with a SHOUTcast or Icecast hosting package. We have servers ready for reliable streaming in North America and Europe. Our hosting packages have all the features you need to make your radio station project a success.

If you stream live or with an Auto DJ, we can provide you with the latest in web-based Cloud technology. You will love the simple to use control panel. Discover how easy it is to manage live deejays, upload fresh music and create custom scheduled programming. You will be able to track your listeners by getting real time statistics.Online Radio Solution in Bangladesh

Internet Radio Hosting – SHOUTcast / IceCast-KH

Create your own Internet radio station!

Your listeners will be able to tune in through almost any media player
Such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes and Quicktime Player to  name a few.Online Radio Solution in Bangladesh.

We make it easy to broadcast your own Internet radio station. You’re In Complete Control

Easy web-based stream configuration.
Full statistics and royalty reports.
Automatic stream monitoring & restarting.
Hosted station home pages.
View current listeners.
View past listener trends.
Code snippets for your website.
Upload to Auto DJ
Live From Your Computer
Switch between Live & Auto DJ anytime
Let Auto DJ take your stream over when you are not broadcasting live. Stay on air 24/7!

Online Radio Solution

Our control panel has everything you need to be successful.
Upload to Auto DJ

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